As a Catholic institution, Communion of Saints School strives to continue building God’s Kingdom by offering a space in which students may become effective witnesses to the Gospel. As our mission statement articulates, our school desires to participate in the task of forming young people who are “committed to worshipping God and serving His people.” Because our curriculum is grounded in the teachings of the Catholic Church, students are encouraged to grow in the understanding of the truth while also becoming persons of virtue.


Realizing that an effective, Catholic curriculum requires faith experiences, our school structures its daily instruction around intentional, and diverse, moments of faith-formation. Our students benefit from weekly, all-school Masses, regular classroom prayer, various all-school prayer services, and “faith family” activities (see tab for details). By offering these distinct instances of sacramentality and spirituality, our students are strengthened and prepared to participate in the Body of Christ—in mind, word, and action.


It is important to note, however, that although the school’s student body is comprised mostly of students from the Roman Catholic tradition, students and families from other faith traditions are included and welcomed into the Communion of Saints community. If you are not Catholic and would like to speak with one of our non-Catholic families, please do not hesitate to contact the school. We will gladly facilitate that connection.