Communion of Saints Catholic School


Student Council
Communion of Saints Student Council is composed of students from grades 5-8. The officers-president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer- are elected at the end of each school year.  Homeroom representatives from grades 5-8 are elected at the beginning of each school year.


Student Council plays an important role in our school. Representatives share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with the teachers and principal. They help the students raise funds for school-wide projects. They promote school spirit through fun activities throughout the year.  Members assist the community by way of special collections and service opportunities.  Being on Student Council is something that helps our students become responsible and active members of the community.


 Service Hours

At Communion of Saints School we strive to foster faith, service and scholarship. Over the years, the concept of “service” has taken many forms. Rather than requiring students to collect a specific number of hours of service, this year we choose to put forth the idea that we are all called to be people of service. This year’s theme is, “Come to Learn; Leave to Serve.”


As their primary educators, parents should be exposing their children to service opportunities whenever possible. As a school, we will make families aware of numerous opportunities that exist in which they can choose to participate as little or as much as fits their family dynamic. We recognize that some families have more opportunities to be of service than others. Families/students will be provided with a Service Record that will be used to track such participation. Once signed by an adult in charge of the oppo1iunity/activity, students should turn in the Service Record to their homeroom teachers.


As a school, we will track our service and have a visual record of the many ways in which we are people of service. We encourage all families and all students from kindergarten through eighth grade to participate in service opportunities. The “Service Record” being sent home may be copied and used as often as necessary. Additional copies will also be available at school.


Service opportunities will be divided into various categories; we urge families to try to take part in activities in all categories, beginning with service to the parish/church. As a school that welcomes families of all faiths, students are encouraged to provide service at their home church, no matter the faith denomination. Opportunities will be offered during the daily school hours as well as during events in the evening and over weekends.


There are no required numbers of service hours to be performed. One of our goals is that our students will become people for whom being of service is second nature. We ask that parents join us in our efforts to create an atmosphere of service for the sake of serving others in a world where, far too often, service is accompanied by the question, “What’s in it for me?” Instead, we need to serve others from the wealth of our experience and because it feels good to help others.


8th Grade Safety Patrol

Students in the eighth grade are able to be a part of safety patrol throughout the school year. They assist with traffic at dismissal.


Art Service & Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation classes are taught for students in grades 4-8. Some topics include the Renaissance artists, Impressionism, and studies of individual artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Henri Matisse. These activities are unique in that they help to develop critical thinking skills in both art and writing projects. They also assist in providing an appreciation for the importance of the arts in our culture and in our community.


The Art Service program is offered to 7th and 8th grades.  This class meets once a week and gives students the opportunity to learn design, lettering, and illustration skills while working on projects for the school. It is of particular benefit to students who plan to pursue art in high school. Applications are available at the beginning of the school year and students are selected based on their performance and interest in art.


An art show for all grades is held every year during our Catholic Schools week open house in January.