Communion of Saints Catholic School
Classroom Representatives

Classroom Representatives (f.k.a. Room Parents)

Room parents performed some, but not all, of the functions of the new classroom representatives. Classroom representatives will serve as a conduit of information from the PTO, the administration, and the teachers to families in the class.  Additionally, classroom representatives will help to organize support for classroom activities when parent volunteers or supplies are needed. Classroom representatives will also be tasked with coordinating Christmas and year-end teacher appreciation, as decided by the individual class.  Specific duties of the classroom representative include the following:

  • Communicate with the teacher in the first weeks of the year (whether by meeting, phone conference or email – in whatever manner is most convenient for you) to discuss any known needs for the upcoming school year.
  • Regularly check in with the teacher (email is fine) to find out about upcoming events and activities.
  • Set up an email list for the class early in the year and using the list to regularly communicate with parents in the class about upcoming events as indicated by the teacher.
  • For grades 1 and above, call any new families to introduce yourself and answer any questions.  Note that Laura Larson already coordinates a new family outreach, and every new family is matched with a current family, so many of the new families’ initial questions already have been answered.  The idea here is to give the new families one more connection.
  • Coordinate assistance with special projects as needed.
  • Serve as a resource for other parents in the class.
  • Attend PTO meetings whenever possible to gather information to share with the class and to share information about what’s happening in the class with the larger group as warranted.