Communion of Saints Catholic School
Drop off and Pick up Procedures

Morning Drop Off-

Families dropping students off in the morning should enter the school parking lot from Stillman Road and follow the cone path toward the school along the grass play area (see diagram) making a “u” shape in conjunction with the cones.  Students should exit the car and follow the grass play area to the front doors of the school.

If your child needs assistance walking to the doors of the school, families should park in the church parking lot and walk their students to the doors.  Parents will not be permitted to enter the building and take students to their rooms.


Afternoon Pick Up- Diagram Attached

Families who are picking students up at the end of the day must enter the campus from Coventry Road.  Proceed slowly towards the church making a u-shape along the center grass/bench area continuing to the front of the school.  Family names must be prominently displayed in the front window of the car. Individual families will be called to be dismissed when that family car is in the front pick up spot.  Exit via Stillman Road.

Afternoon pickup 2020-Map