Communion of Saints Catholic School


The curriculum of Communion of Saints School attempts to ensure that academic success is attained by all of our students.  As a Catholic school, our program is permeated with a spirit of mutual respect and concern for each individual.  We utilize a curriculum developed by the Diocese of Cleveland in compliance with the Ohio State Standards.


The Curriculum Includes:
Religion, Language Arts (including English,Reading, Spelling, and Handwriting), Mathematics, Science (including Health and Safety), Social Studies, Fine Arts (including Music and Art), Physical Education, and Spanish.


Religion is taught daily in all grades and students attend Mass monthly.  In addition, seasonal prayer services are held.  Many activities in which “Faith Families” participate are planned.  Faith Families are small groups consisting of students in Kindergarten through grade eight.  The Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are celebrated as a parish event through parish preparation.


Our state-of-the-art Science and Technology Center offers students in all grades the opportunity to discover the wonders of science and explore its applications to everyday life.  The center comprises a lecture room and two modern student laboratories, giving teachers the opportunity to blend classroom instruction with hands-on experiments and activities.

A fleet of over 50 iPads and 30 Chromebooks are available for class use, allowing students in grades three through eight to utilize the Internet for educational and research purposes.  Desktop computers are used in kindergarten through grade three. In addition, every classroom is equipped with a Smart Board and projector to enhance student learning.


Today’s society is focused on teaching children to test well.  Even though Communion of Saints School cautions those who would place too much emphasis on standardized testing, we appreciate and participate in standardized testing as one way to measure success.  We use a nationally recognized test called the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.  It is a nationally standardized achievement test that is given to students in Grades one through eight.  Students are assessed in reading, language, and math.  Our students have consistently scored well above other schools in the Diocese of Cleveland on this test.


At Communion of Saints School we are more concerned about the individual progress of each child.  Our teachers individualize lesson plans around the strengths and challenges that our students face.  Our goal is to take each student to the next level of learning.


One of the measures of an elementary school is how its students perform in high school.  We continually receive positive comments from local high schools about how well our students are prepared.


For more information contact Principal Gerry Whiteley at 216-932-4177.